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Crafting a Legacy of Flavor, Culture, and Inclusion 

Welcome to Brown Girl's Brew®, where we craft more than just beer; we craft a legacy of flavor, culture, and inclusion. I'm Christina Thomas, (aka "The Brew Mistress") the proud founder of Brown Girl's Brew, and I invite you to embark on a flavorful journey inspired by the sweet memories of my childhood and my mother's authentic recipes.

Young Christina Thomas - 5y/o

Young Christina Thomas at 5 years old

A Nostalgic Beginning

Mr & Mrs. Thomas - Mom & Dad

Momma & Poppa Thomas

Brown Girl's Brew® was conceived in 2009, during my career in finance. The idea was simple yet profound - to pay homage to my mother, who once owned "Allie's Cakes & Bakery" on the vibrant Southside of Chicago. Her passion for baking desserts, her tireless dedication to perfecting recipes, and her unwavering commitment to her community left an indelible mark on my heart.

Brewing Authenticity with a Twist

Our craft beer brand, 'Brown Girl's Brew®,' is a tribute to my mother's legacy. With a mindful twist, we've reduced sugar content while preserving the rich, authentic flavors of her desserts. Each of our unique dessert beer flavors celebrates the sweet moments of my childhood and the culinary artistry passed down through generations.

Carrot Cake - Beer, Idea

Brown Girl's Brew® Carrot Cake Beer Inspiration

Celebrating Diversity

Brown Girl's Brew® tasting at Lumas Gallery New York City

What sets Brown Girl's Brew® apart is our unwavering commitment to celebrating diversity and amplifying the voices and experiences of people of color (POC). We understand that representation in the craft beer industry is limited, with less than 1% of minority, black beer creators. We stand proudly as part of that 1%, striving to make a significant impact. 

A Flavorful Journey

Customers choose Brown Girl's Brew® because we offer more than beverages; we offer experiences. Take our 'Lemon Pound Cake Lager,' for example; it's a symphony of citrus notes that captures the essence of sun-kissed lemons. Or our 'Banana Pudding Hefeweizen,' which brings back childhood memories with the taste of real bananas and vanilla wafers. It's not just about the beer; it's about the nostalgia and cultural connection we offer.

Brown Girl's Brew® Banana Pudding Hefeweizen

Innovative Collaboration

Brown Girl's Brew® Carrot Cake Amber Ale

Our uniqueness lies in our innovative collaboration model. We create the recipes and concepts, partnering with local breweries to craft these distinctive flavors. This approach keeps us deeply rooted in local markets while creating a diverse tapestry of tastes. 

Challenges and Aspirations

One of our primary challenges is expanding our distribution to new markets. While our beers have a devoted following, breaking into new territories has been a hurdle, due to the initial setup costs and fierce competition in the craft beer industry.

Moreover, our commitment to authentic, dessert-inspired flavors requires specialized ingredients and processes, which can be costly. We aim to continue sharing these unique flavors with more people but face financial constraints in scaling up.

Christina Thomas - Brown Girl's Brew

Christina Thomas aka "The Brew Mistress, Co-Founder of Brown Girl's Brew®

Community & Sustainability

To meet the evolving needs of our customers and community, we've not only crafted innovative dessert-inspired beers but also introduced sustainability measures, including repurposing our beer mash. We're committed to reducing our environmental footprint while crafting outstanding flavors.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusivity

We actively engage with our community through events, partnerships, and storytelling, further amplifying the voices of people of color through entrepreneurship. At Brown Girl's Brew®, we're more than just a craft beer company; we're a platform for celebrating diversity and fostering inclusivity. We believe in the power of storytelling to bridge communities and share the vibrant tapestry of cultures that inspire our brews. Through a rich tapestry of events, partnerships, and personal narratives, we honor the voices and experiences of people of color. Each beer we craft is a tribute to the legacies, traditions, and flavors that have shaped our heritage. 

Founders, Christina Thomas & Julian Hill at Grand opening of Harlem Hops Pier 57, Chelsea, NYC

The Journey Continues...

Dont' Spill the Tea, Brown Girl's Brew, Rubix Cube

Carrot Cake Amber Ale pic taken by Champ Williams in Martha's Vineyard, MA

Join us on a journey that goes beyond beer—it's about building connections, preserving legacies, and creating a more inclusive, culturally vibrant world.

So here's a toast! Every glass becomes an opportunity to share in the experiences that inspire our craft. It's about more than just enjoying a great beer; it's about savoring the richness of life's flavors and the stories behind them. So raise your glass not just to exceptional brews, but to unity, diversity, and the legacy of cultural celebration. 

Mom & Dad, I Love You.

-The Brew Mistress.

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